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The Manhattan Transfer and a challenging week...... Life!

Despite the challenging last week after my son's hospitalisation and the passing of my son and daughter's grandmother on Saturday night, (she lived a long life of 92 years and remained incredibly lively until a month before her death). We are all grateful that she was able to peacefully pass away in her sleep, in the best way possible.

My son is doing okay, although he has been struggling with a tough case of Chron's disease. They believe his new medication may have affected his heart, as it was behaving differently and he experienced pain and dizziness. But that's also just speculation right now.

However, he is now back home and everything is calm. While he spent the day with his father, my friend Angela surprised me and Ulf with tickets to see Alan's (her husband's) band, The Manhattan Transfer. It had been years since we last saw each other before Covid, but the time flew by quickly. We had a wonderful evening together and ended up at the best old fish restaurant in Gothenburg, Sjömagasinet, where we enjoyed a delicious meal and a long chat. It was so cosy!

As someone who has always seen people for who they are as people and never cared if they were famous or not, I have to say that I'm deeply impressed by The Manhattan Transfer and everything they've been through. Celebrating 50 years as an artist is no small feat. It´s AMAZING!!

What strikes me most about The Manhattan Transfer is their versatility. They've tackled a wide range of musical genres over the years, from jazz to pop to R&B, and they've done so with incredible skill and finesse. Their ability to blend different styles together is truly impressive, and it's no wonder that they've amassed such a dedicated fanbase over the years. Through Alan's wife; Angela, who I got to know 14 years ago, I have gotten to know Alan and the music that I didn't listen to very much before, but which I have now started to appreciate in a different way than before. So thank you Angela and Alan for all the joy. And of course lovely to see you all again. ❤️🙏

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