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Sometimes, like many other artists, I find myself in a creative drought or feeling like I've exhausted all my creativity and can no longer hold a brush. It's as if the brush weighs several kilograms and I simply can't muster the strength. I feel completely drained. This is where I am in my life right now. I have no energy to paint. I painted like crazy for three months and then suddenly stopped. It's like a big stop sign. So, what do you do in the meantime? How do you regain that feeling and energy?

As someone who used to work as a wedding photographer and loved taking fashion photos, I've started doing photo art again. I say "again" because it's something I do from time to time. While waiting for my painting energy to return, I'm working on faces and photographs, mostly on my iPad Pro or Wacom screen. I came across a large one many years ago. It's 24 inches, but can be a bit finicky if you want to draw lightly. But it's so much fun and so satisfying to find something that keeps creativity alive in other ways. Please share your thoughts and journey on this. Have a great day! Here's one of my photographs...

"Feeling proud of her accomplishments, she sat there surrounded by thousands of roses".Photo Art by Helena Hötzl S

Make sure to purchase a brushed aluminum canvas measuring 70 x 100 cm for only 6,200 SEK in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, you can explore the link provided for more options.

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