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My latest collection of oil paintings can be found at the prestigious Kabusa Art Gallery in Köpingebro, a mere 10-minute drive from Ystad in the beautiful South of Sweden. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit my studio/gallery in Stenkullen, Sweden. Please note that I do not sell my art online. If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces, please contact Kabusa or me directly. For me, art is an investment - it holds immense value and is a deeply personal expression of the artist's life experiences. It can take months to feel that the painting is ready as it represents a life story and the emotions that come with it. When you purchase one of my paintings, you will feel the passion and effort that has been poured into every brushstroke. As a former makeup artist, I have a particular affinity for painting faces and often use my fingers to create the desired effect. I also enjoy incorporating graphic strokes into my work, drawing on my background in Graphic Design. My style is a unique blend of childlike wonder and mature artistry, born out of the joy and pleasure I find in painting even during the most difficult times in life.

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