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New oil paintings....finally ready!

Preparing oil paintings requires multiple layers and drying time between each. That is one of the reasons why it takes a long time to make an oil painting. Also, the fact that I want to find the right feeling in the painting and that I will do that during the moment I will continue the brush strokes. I feel a lot and although you might not see the feeling it is a long journey that I started when I decided to make a painting. Yesterday I went to the studio feeling that one of the paintings just needed the final touch. My work phone did not have any battery left. ( I always use my work phone to get some music).

So with NO music whatsoever, I started the last layer. And although I did not have any music I did find the flow and I left my stress in the studio yesterday. It was really my moment which was so lovely and that is something we all need to have. A moment for ourselves!

When I left the studio, I felt as if I had " been at the gas station to get fuel". I really got new energy and was really comfortable when I came home to just take care of the household. I ended these 3 paintings yesterday and I also got to show how they will look thanks to all the apps today for artist to show their clients how it will look when they put the paintings on the wall. I really found the right rooms for the paintings, didn´t I? I wish you a lovely day today. I am heading to the studio to make backgrounds now! ❤️

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