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Welcome to HHS Gallery

HHS  Studio & Gallery started in Dec 2021. During 2022 we had several events but at the beginning of  2023, I had to focus on my art and did not have the time to create events. You are more than welcome to contact me if you want to show your art or perhaps bring your company to paint or just hang out. 

The Gallery 

My studio has several parts. One part is for those who want to show their art. One part that is my studio to paint.
Read a short story of Hedefors Mill below.


Where is it...

The Gallery is in Stenkullen. About 15 min north from Gothenburg. The place to look for is Hedefors Mill. In Swedish called Hedeforsbruk.
It takes you 3 min from E20 to reach
Hedefor's factories
 Click on the button to reach the HHS Gallery website. (Unfortunately, it is just in Swedish today)

About Hedefors Mill 

In 1795, Fredric Hummel started Sweden's first cotton spinning mill, which soon became widely famous. The business flourished and reached its peak in 1834, only to begin to lose turnover the following year. Competition from other spinning mills combined with difficult transport were two reasons for this, and when the spinning mill's main building burned down in 1846, an era ended. Hedefor's factories began to be built in 1876 on the initiative of P A Åkerlund.

Contact Us


Hedeforsvägen 9
443 61 Stenkullen

Building 410.


+46 ( 0 ) 704 383561

Opening Hours

Open during Exhibits and events.
You can always come and visit me and have a coffee. Just let me know when and I will be there.

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