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And so was Mazzoh born......

Mazzoh was created these past 4 weeks. First I started with the name "Courage by H" a few years ago and got some Pocket squares and scarves in that name but got sick and tired of trying to show myself as an artist all the time. Yes, I can say so. Because sometimes it can be very hard. So now, or a few weeks ago I thought that if I chose a name that is ( Mixed with letters from all my names ) it would be easier if someone didn´t like me. I can in some way hide now behind the Mazzoh name. Or not? 😂 If someone comes up to me when I am at a fashion fair trying to sell the products that I love and they never heard about me then I can pretend to be Mazzoh´s sells person and if they don´t like what I am selling I can just laugh and you know...say that " I totally agree with you guys or I can tell them to just fuck off as I am pretending to be someone else....... LOL I say that with a smile on my face so you know that I am joking a bit with you guys now!😁 It has always been easier to sell things from someone else. Right? Selling my own stuff is heartbreaking sometimes if you don´t get the response you would like to have. It´s like someone is hitting your inner spirit and telling you that all you do is horrible. It´s the same with selling paintings. You stand there in an exhibit and when you feel that someone does not like it you just want to hide. And sometimes it just kills you slowly... Being a highly sensitive person and empath it really sucks sometimes........Trust me! Now I am just chatting and what I really wanted to show today is my new pages! Well, you already found my new page but did you really look at my Mazzoh. com page?

I will sell other stuff as well, but I needed to start somewhere and just make it ready. Some of you might be tired of running around in stores looking for different accessories. So why not just Visit MAZZOH? Here you will find products with the finest quality and also very unique products. The range varies, but this is usually due to the fact that some of the items are limited edition. E.g. men's handkerchiefs, shawls, and scarves. Sometimes I will sell the samples at a very affordable price. Mazzoh has several demands. Durability and quality. Fairtrade, organic fabric, recycled fabric, zero waste, no harmful chemicals. Certified SGS, Intertek & Oeko-100. Also a cool thing, I do like this! The factory where my products are made has worked with none other than Calvin Klein, Shiseido, L'Oréal, Daniel Hechter, and others. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and wear a unique item.....🌸

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