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On my way to the studio to continue painting this lady.

Sometimes it can be a bit annoying. The drying time... Sometimes IÂŽm too eager because I want to start to paint the different layers but I just have to make sure that all the oil is dry before I go bananas and make layer nr. 2.

There is a lot of time to think between the layers. LOL😂

So I realized yesterday that I should have more meetings in the studio.

That feeling is very good as last year I got sick and tired of so many things and realized that I honestly needed to change myself and become more like a real businesswoman. However, that and being an artist do not always go hand in hand.

Do you feel the same? The difficulties of being an artist and trying to be a real businesswoman at the same time? We know we have to but it is really hard sometimes.

Ok. Have a great day! I am going out with Morris now and then I need to leave for the studio!

Morris waiting for me.......❀

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