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A day in the Studio...

I have felt a lot of stress lately for the last few months. So when we went to Spain in August to visit my daughter's friend and family, it was very welcoming. You know, you can't hide from all the pressures, and to be able to deal with them, painting is a very healing thing to do. I always tell those who visit me to start painting or do something else. Cooking, making jewelry, gardening, taking care of their flowers, etc. You know what you like to do to relax, but the thing is to make something. Of course, you can always do sports, that's probably the best, but on the other hand, you're not doing anything creative, and you can't disappear into your inner consciousness. You have to be aware of what you are doing… Or, I guess so... It is not good to do sports if you are not conscious. 😁

I always paint at least six layers on my oil paintings. And they have to dry in between, so I always have a lot of paintings in progress waiting to be finished. That's why I'm always filled with energy when I notice that the paintings are starting to get their final finish. Normally, it takes a few months before I am done and feel that I have created a masterpiece. Saying that with a glimpse in my eye...

OK, have a lovely day! Stay tuned to see my paintings when they are finished. ❤️

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