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Uppdaterat: 10 sep. 2023

First I want to write that I welcome you to my new page! This time it is all in English and I hope you can accept the errors that I will make. My English is getting worse but as long as you will understand me it is ok. Otherwise, let me know! I am proud today as I have done both the website for myself and also for my new brand MAZZOH. The week that passed has been very slow as I got some strange dizziness last Sunday. As I am very aware I assume that it was stress and only stress. These last years have been crazy for me but now I feel that something good is coming and this week my gallery "Kabusa Art Gallery" in the south of Sweden just sold my biggest painting ever. 190 x 190 cm. So I am eager to go to my studio and make huge ones! I got so much energy that I forgot that I had this dizziness and realized that I needed to just stay at home for a few more days. I feel overwhelmed and blessed and also realize that hard work will pay off one day. I just need to hang on to it. One thing that is coming up this week is I am about to meet a friend that I haven´t seen for over 23 years! A few weeks ago she came up in my mind and I was wondering what happened to her. I honestly feel ashamed to say it. I had totally forgotten her last name and just could not find her. Anyway, two days after this thought about her I went on Facebook Sunday morning and sat with my coffee. The first thing I see is Andréa! WTF!! I was so happy. She called me a few days ago and next week will meet! It´s amazing! Crazy how things turn out in life and that we now will meet up again after 23 years. Enjoy your Sunday folks and do join my colorful world here! Helena ❤️🙏

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