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Most of my newest oil paintings will be found at Kabusa Art Gallery in Köpingebro, 10 minutes from Ystad in the South of Sweden.
You can also visit my studio/ Gallery in Stenkullen, Sweden. I don´t sell my art online. You will need to talk to Kabusa or me if interested. For me, art is an investment. Art has a value. Art is made from something deep inside and is very personal. It sometimes takes months to feel ready to "let your piece" go. You are selling a piece that comes from years of life experiences and the inside. A life story. You will feel the stroke of the brush, and see the time and effort that has been painted into the canvas. I  paint a lot with my fingers. As an old makeup artist, I love faces and that means that using my fingers when painting faces is normal. I love graphic strokes as I also been studiying Graphic Design. And I love the mix between a child painting with a touch of a grown-up. When life has been painful that is what gives me the joy and pleasure to paint my kind of humans with the colors I love for the moment.

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