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What does MAZZOH stand for? Pretty easy. It was created using only letters from all my names. But the beginning of MAZZOH is a story. It is about me as an artist and what I started before life came between.
"Life Came Between" involves a series of tragedies between 2008 - 2022. But now it is 2023 when I sit down and make contact with old suppliers and think that things will come to us when they are supposed to come and when they are supposed to happen. Around 2010 I started producing men's handkerchiefs in Italy with the designs I had created from my art. I got the inspiration as an artist when I took part in exhibitions in the USA as well as various countries in Europe and England. At that time I made huge contacts and there were big plans that almost got a Saudi Prince to invest in my project. Today and with hindsight, I'm probably immensely grateful that it didn't happen in my life at that time. With small children at home, there wasn't the time and all the energy that was needed. However, some big fashion designers in the world got to see my creations and I even had one of them Dolce & Gabbana's architects who would have liked to work with me if the deal with Saudi had been closed and the stores started. But that's another story and maybe it wasn't meant to be. I strongly believe in the meaning of life and that everything that is to happen happens when the time is right. Let me try again. And hope you will like it and follow me. All products will have a maximum edition of 10 - 30 pieces. You will find beautiful silk scarves and other fabrics I like to use myself. There will be Accessories for both him/her and the little ones. Take a look from time to time because there will be new ones now and then and pre-orders apply to some.

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This Pocketsquare is made in finest silk twill, 18 mm, Double sided print with handmade hem.

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This is a Shawl / Sarong. Choose how to use it. It´s made of Viscose/ Rayon and
140 x 140 cm.

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This is a scarf for children. Made of Viscose / Rayon to be very soft and nice around the childrens neck. 45 x 45 cm. 

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